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{ measuring tool }

pH is a measurement tool to identify the acidity or alkalinity of a substance.

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To be conscious or aware of your body, mind, feelings & surroundings in the present moment.

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{ fabric component }

Wood from the beech tree that is mostly grown in Europe.

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Diversity is the practice of including or involving people from different backgrounds and orientations.

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Deo Sense Technology

A form of Japanese innovation that neutralizes odor embedded in clothing.

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Touch A form of contact with Yourself Others & surroundings   Why is Touch essential for human existence?

Touch is a form of contact with your self, others and your surroundings.

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{ transitional phase in a women’s life }

The years leading up to menopause when various hormonal changes affect a menstruator’s mood, state of mind and body.

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Capsule clothing

Capsule clothing is a collection of need-based interchangeable items.

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Skin smart clothing

Clothing that is good for your skin. These are designed to be irritant-free and comfortable to wear for a long time.

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