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We're empowering you to feel joy in sensing the world confidently.

We're empowering you to feel joy in sensing the world confidently.

From the Founder

“As human beings, we are filled with insecurities. Our constant struggle with feeling better, looking better and being better brings us down and dims our light.

The truth is that each of us has a story in the making that we should celebrate every day.

We’re here to encourage you to bare yours by being part of a diverse community of kind people whose confidence shines through when they wear our clothes. To us, you’re all human; and we want you to experience how liberating it is to engage your senses - with your skin, yourself and your surroundings”.

Read our story
Sensing New Beginnings

Hi, I am Humera Tamboli,
Founder of Sensing & this is how it all began ...

I started my career as a product designer in the leather industry, but as time passed, I realised that it wasn't a space I was comfortable building my life around. More often than not, the unsustainable practices and processes involved with leather left me saddened and demotivated. There were several times I felt lost wondering if I could ever find the courage to start again.

Determined to continue designing, I wanted to find a better medium to create products, which would mindfully add value to people’s lives. The textile industry seemed like a better fit and that's when I made the shift.

Being a human with sensitive skin and a friend of the earth, it still wasn’t easy to align my beliefs with the overall unconscious ways of the fast fashion industry either. I kept asking myself:

“How do I know if these clothes are safe to wear? What is it that happens between our skin and our clothes? How can design help reduce the impact of clothing on the environment?”

There were so many questions I had to get to the bottom of.

Together with a team of equally passionate people, I spent years researching ways to build a holistic approach towards creating clothing that is kind to the skin and safe to dispose of.

In 2020 this manifested into Sensing — A line of innovative, skin-smart clothing that looks good and feels good; without compromising the earth. I envision Sensing as a safe space that empowers everyone to feel more confident in their skin while being mindful of their surroundings.

I hope your skin enjoys wearing our clothes, and I hope; they set you free on your journey to sensing life.


Our Approach

We understand the sensitive complexities of human life

We design products

for real people

We inspire the world to live mindfully every day

Our Core Values

Clarity Through Transparency

Mindful Innovation

Inclusive Generosity

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