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Effortless Chic: Styling Tips from Sensing’s Go with the Flow Top

Effortless Chic: Styling Tips from Sensing’s Go with the Flow Top

Have you ever heard about beechwood fabric? Beechwood fabric, also known as Modal fabric, is quite fascinating! Imagine clothing that feels as smooth as silk and as breathable as cotton—it's like wrapping yourself in comfort! Beechwood fabric guarantees you that ease. It enhances its qualities even more when blended with Supima Cotton—luxurious, durable, soft, breathable & hypoallergenic. Sensing realizes the premium fabrics and their unparalleled benefits, which is why we have manufactured the best outfit, the 'Go with the Flow Top'.

Whether you’re working from home, attending impromptu meetings, or exploring new destinations, this top effortlessly adapts to every occasion, ensuring comfort, style, and sustainability. For those looking to revamp their wardrobe, Sensing makes it easy to buy men's and women's clothes online, offering versatile pieces that fit any lifestyle.


Versatility Redefined:

The Go with the flow top seamlessly transitions from a top to a dress or a layer. It isn’t just a garment but a multifunctional piece which is wardrobe essential. Designed in Mumbai, India, and New York, it embodies a fusion of cultural influences and global craftsmanship, making it a truly versatile addition to any wardrobe.


Qualities That Speak:

It is designed with meticulous attention to detail, this top boasts qualities that redefine comfort and functionality. It fits like a dream, offering a huge embrace with an adjustable drawcord and the waist for personalized styling. The collared neckline and tagua nut buttons add a touch of sophistication, perfect for both casual and professional settings.


Sustainable Innovation:

The Go with the Flow combines Beechwood and Supima cotton, minimizing environmental impact. These materials are preferred for their eco-conscious properties, ensuring that your fashion choices contribute positively to the planet.


Innovative Technology:

Infused with Japanese Deo-Sense Technology, the top goes beyond conventional clothing. It neutralizes odors and balances pH levels, keeping you fresh and comfortable throughout the day. This innovative feature underscores Sensing’s dedication to merging skincare with fashion, offering a garment that cares for your skin's clothing needs as much as it enhances your style.


A Conscious Choice:

Choosing the Go with the Flow Top isn’t just about fashion- it's a statement of conscious clothing. As a leader in conscious clothing brands,  Sensing prioritizes ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable materials.


Styling Tips for Effortless Chic:

Casual Elegance: Pair the top with fitted jeans or leggings for a relaxed yet polished look. Add minimalist jewellery and sneakers for a stylish twist.

Professional Edge: Transition seamlessly to work mode by layering the top with a blazer or structured jacket. Opt for tailored trousers and heels to impact them with confidence and sophistication.

Travel Ready: For your next adventure, wear the top as a dress with comfortable flats or sandals. This body-conscious clothing piece accentuates your figure while ensuring all-day comfort. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and a crossbody bag for a chic look.

Day to Night: Transform your look effortlessly from day to night by accessorizing with statement earrings and swapping flats for heels. A bold lip color can instantly elevate your evening look.



Incorporating the characteristics of casual style, Sensing has manufactured Go with the flow top. Not only a piece of clothing but also a way of life due to its ability to be used with anything, sustained from sustainable materials, and made innovatively thus making it more than a garment. Update your selection of wear with this conscious cloth vital for balancing elegance with environmental care. Explore the intersection of fashion and sustainability with Sensing and redefine your approach to modern dressing.

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